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Sydney Smith grew up in Michigan with a family of seven.  She enjoyed being alone in her room and entertained herself for hours by drawing on – and later being reprimanded for – her dad's printer paper.  Not having much money, but wanting to express her love for her friends she would give drawings, paintings, handmade posters, custom CD's with personalized art, and paper crafts.

Art had always been a passion of hers, but hearing over and over that creatives end up as "starving artists" she decided to pursue other interests in high school and college, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Mandarin Chinese, and Language Composition.  Until one day she was hit with the realization that she was heading down a path of massive debt and a career she wasn't driven by.

By an amazing series of events she found herself able to attend a college in a place she never imagined she would ever step foot in: California.  She was led to California Baptist University and tried out a couple classes in graphic design and was instantly hooked.  It was the marriage of her love of art and creative problem solving.

Today Sydney Smith finds herself calling Southern California her home and is thrilled to be able to practice her craft for a living.

Her work is inspired by Norman Rockwell, Claude Monet, Becky Cloonan, Ty Mattson, Paula Scher, House Industries, DKNG Studios, classic rock, metal, and punk music, estranged comic books and novels, vinyl records, traditional martial arts, daily jogs, morning prayers, and copious amounts of caffeine.